Should I have my property inspected before I buy?

(C)  SBS The Feed – Meth Houses: This is what a house looks like when it’s used as a meth lab


If you are purchasing a property, the importance of having that property inspected by a qualified builder and pest inspector cannot be understated. The amount of nightmares and headaches prevented and money saved by so many of my clients over the decades through conducting these simple inspections is massive! Whether purchasing for investment or as your own home, the cost for this service far outweighs the burden of regret for failing to do so and discovering a structural disaster later on well after settlement that will not be covered by your insurance.


A professional inspector may also keep your identity undisclosed, which can be a useful strategy if you are not wanting to look too “keen” during an auction campaign. If you need a sound recommendation, then just give me a call at the office.


Recently. as part of her due diligence process prior to purchase, a Purchaser of ours recently had her property inspected for detection of Methamphetamine, yes, “Meth”!  Whilst many of us do not encounter illicit drugs personally, it would be naive not to be aware that Meth or “Ice” use is on the rise nationally.


Meth may not only become a problem for the user, but also is alleged to cause damage to the property in which the user continually uses the drug. Obviously, if a property is used as a lab to “cook” meth, then that damage can be irreversible and may lead to the property being only fit for demolition. Take a closer look by clicking on the Youtube link above to the recent SBS production of The Feed’s, “Meth Houses: This is what a house looks like when it’s used as a meth lab”.


If you were wondering, our client’s “meth test” came back negative, meaning that no meth chemical use was detected – fortunately! She was relieved and proceeded with the purchase.   


So, when you are next about to buy a property, perhaps the standard “subject to satisfactory building and pest inspection” does not adequately protect you any longer? Maybe you should also check the property for Meth? It all sounds a bit out there, I know – but best to be sure.  


Matt Duker – Conveyancing Excellence 

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