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Conveyancing Excellence comprises a firm of experienced conveyancers, dedicated solely to the transfer of property in Victoria.

Our principles have always been about delivering cost effective conveyancing services, which means that you have the security and peace of mind of dealing with a licensed conveyancing firm with the knowledge that your matter will be handled professionally and that you are protected by our liability insurance.

Our Team

The Conveyancing Excellence team is comprised of experienced, passionate and dedicated conveyancers with years of experience in Victorian property conveyancing law. In addition, consultant solicitor Brett Hayton is also available to tackle any hairy legal issue you may have for an additional fee, if required.

Our Specialties

We can provide you with prompt, efficient and excellent assistance with the all aspects of property transfers. Contact us if you are a:

1. Vendor in need a contract to be prepared FAST.

2. Purchaser requiring detailed, relevant and no fuss pre-contractual feedback without the jargon.

3. Real estate agent losing commission due to slow provision of Section 32s and 27s.

4. Buyer’s or vendor’s advocate wanting your clients interests looked after the same way you do.

5. Developer of land, apartments or townhouses requiring expert advice when you need it.

6. Mortgage broker in need of a competent specialist to do what it takes to settle matters on time.

Protecting Your Legal Interests

Our most important function is to protect your legal interests and to help make the paperwork side of your sale or purchase smooth and stress free. We do this by utilising our skill, experience and dedication everyday.

Upfront Fees

We are upfront about our fees which avoids unpalatable disputes over costs. Both clients and estate agents alike commend us for our service, communication and innovation, which we value.

Local Knowledge, Global Presence

We act for clients from anywhere in the world with property interests anywhere in Victoria. Geography is no longer a barrier. We regularly act for clients in Asia, UK and the States which makes for an interesting practice.

Striving for Excellence

Call or message us today for assistance with your next sale, purchase or transfer. At Conveyancing Excellence, we strive for excellence in everything that we do.