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Buying Questionnaire

  • Please complete the form as best as possible. You’ll get a free no obligation quote and we’ll look after the rest. It will help if you can email us a copy of the Contract. At Conveyancing Excellence We Provide the Absolute Best Conveyancing Service. Contact either Matt Duker or Brett Hayton
  • Property Details

  • If yes, please email a copy or fax 03-8080-1605
  • Purchase Price

  • Is the Contract Conditional Upon?

    Check the boxes that are applicable. Note there can be a 3 day cooling off period from date you signed the contract (exceptions apply)
  • Agency, Address, Phone

  • Loan / Mortgage

    Are you Borrowing?
    Is your Loan Approved?
  • Loan Amount

  • Lender and/or Broker Details If you have not appointed a Broker, we are happy to make a recommendation
  • Ownership Details

  • If more than one person will Own the Property, will you own it as: We can speak to you Regarding the Differences
    Will this be your Principal Place of Residence?
  • Special Instructions / Issues

    If there are any issues that you have regarding the terms of the Contract, Cooling Off Periods, Finance, Government Duties, GST, Covenants or any other issues or you have some special instructions: Are you applying for the FHOG? First Home Owners Grant
  • GST

    Does the Contract provide for you to pay GST?
  • Special Instructions

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Happy client.

Hi Matt Thanks so much for your very professional service. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your conveyancing service to anyone.