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Step 1 of 4 - Upload Sales Contract

  • Buying a property is one of the most important financial decisions you can make in your life.  Rushing in and signing a Contract without first fully understanding it's content and legal implications can not only be emotionally upsetting, but financially dangerous. Let us help you look before you leap. So, whether you're a first home buyer or a seasoned investor, we strongly recommend that you obtain sound advice before you put pen to paper.

    If you've found the property, then we’re here to help you!  Simply select what type property you are considering and select the time frame you need to have your Contract Review completed by. We'll provide you with a thorough written report of your Contract and Section 32 Statement when you need it.

    Leave it to us to cut through the legal jargon in the paperwork, inform you of the dangers, the positives and even make suggestions to remove or add special conditions. Our goal is to save you serious money and put you in the box seat to buy your new property.

First home buyer or seasoned investor?

  • Don't sign a Contract before getting advice!
  • Be informed before you buy.
  • Let us help you save money & put you in the box seat
  • Just tell us what you're buying & when you need your Contract Review
  • We'll cut through the legal jargon
  • Inform you of the dangers
  • Make suggestions about the special conditions.
  • Your Contract Review will be emailed to you when you need it!

Happy client.

Thanks very much Matt. Great job and all appreciated. I will certainly look to you, if buying or selling in the future. Kind Regards